Force Factor’s Alpha King – New Male Performance Enhancer?


Aging brings with it numerous changes in vitality, strength, and virility among men. Hair loss, decreased muscle mass, and changes in libido are just a few of the changes men undergo as they age. Supplementation is a convenient and safe way to slow down the effects of aging and maintain the body’s maximum performance. Once such supplement is Force Factor Alpha King, which contains line-up of heroic ingredients that are known for their efficacy and safety. Read on to know more about this supplement and how it can help you.

What is Alpha King?

Alpha King is a testosterone supplement designed to boost the effects of free testosterone in the body. From increasing sex drive to building lean muscle and improving athletic performance. It is produced by Force Factor, a supplement company founded by two Harvard grads who are passionate about enhancing male performance using effective ingredients.

What Ingredients Are In Alpha King?

Alpha King contains fenugreek extracts, including sapogenins, which boosts levels of free testosterone in the blood and prevent the conversion of the hormone into estrogen. It also contains other ingredients known to contribute to improved sexual performance such as diindolylmethane, black maca, and Tribulus Terrestris. Black maca is a natural extract widely used in Africa that has been clinically tested to promote endurance, stamina and athletic performance.

Tribulus Terrestris is an herb used in countries like China and Japan and has been studied for its ability to increase the transfer of oxygen in cells for faster recovery after workouts. Diindolylmethane or DIM is known for its ability to inhibit the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen and helps in converting estrogen to a less active form, reducing the effect of estrogen in the male body.

How Does It Work?

Alpha King primarily works by blocking the action of enzymes responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen. These compounds are called sapogenins. The supplement is formulated to maintain the maximum level of sapogenins in the blood to naturally keep testosterone at optimum levels. All these ingredients work together to promote sexual drive and performance, improve the production of lean muscle mass, and promote efficient energy release which allows users to maximize their workouts for maximum gains.

Some studies even show that an increase in free testosterone in the body improves blood flow and vascular activation.


What Makes Alpha King So Different Than Other Free-Testosterone Boosters?

What makes Force Factor Alpha King different from other testosterone boosters is AlphaFen®, a powerful extract from the fenugreek plant. It has been the subject of wide study as a potent vitality enhancer for men and to deliver the desired results quickly and efficiently.  Alpha King has also been formulated to make the nutrients from the ingredients more bioavailable than other supplements. It is formulated to be nutritionally dense so only small doses are required to get the desired results. Users only need to take one capsule each day to boost levels of free testosterone in the body.

Why Should Men Try Alpha King?

Alpha King is formulated to be the ultimate performance and muscle building supplement. The supply of testosterone naturally declines as the body ages, which produces significant physiological changes in the body such as reduced muscle mass, decreased quality of sexual performance, changes in libido and the like. Men who want to maintain the muscle mass and virility of their youth and those who want to produce lean muscle the safe way can benefit from an effective supplement that enhances the body’s ability to increase the right levels of free testosterone.

Alpha King is formulated to work with the body to promote natural hormone production and maintain optimum muscle growth, endurance and sexual performance which is beneficial for any man.  Professional and amateur athletes and bodybuilders that want to enhance performance, increase sexual virility, or those who simply want to slow down the signs of aging are a perfect fit for Alpha King.

Where Can Alpha King Be Purchased?

To make sure that you are getting the real deal, and to be open to any promos and discounts, you can order this supplement straight from the manufacturer’s website or from for $69.99 for a 30 day supply.