IQ Genex Review – Natural Cognitive Booster?

If you feel like your memory isn’t what it used to be or simply want to improve focus and concentration, consider IQ Genex.

What is IQ Genex?

IQ Genex is a new product specifically formulated to improve brain function. It’s designed to help with focus and attention, for a longer period of time. It can also help by improving memory, especially the kind of memory needed for learning. IQ Genex is made with natural ingredients. They are no preservatives or odd substances to be concerned with. It is a suitable product for all types of diets, including vegetarian and vegan diets, as there are no gelatin fillers.

How does IQ Genex work?

IQ Genex works by delivering the ingredient slowly over time, in its raw form. By processing it raw, the fiber and nutrients are retained, allowing users to experience sustained brain function. There are many products on the market that claim to help improve focus. But, many of them simply aren’t effective or only last a short time. In addition, many products contain fillers and preservatives people want to avoid.

What makes IQ Genex effective? Any special ingredients?IQ Genex 445x564

The product is made by naturally processing raw, green coffee beans into a powder called WGCP (or whole green coffee powder). They’re never roasted. A substance known as chlorogenic acid, combined with natural caffeine, work in synergy, to boost brain function for sustained periods.

Chlorogenic acid is believed to have mild effects similar to caffeine, but with the ability to help keep blood sugar levels stable. This is why it helps users. It helps reduce the likelihood of feeling the extreme highs and lows of sugar spikes.

Who can benefit most from using IQ Genex?

Nearly anyone who wants to improve brain function or attention can benefit from IQ Genex. A college student that wants to make the most of his or her studies or anyone who wants to maintain attention and avoid feeling a brain fog during the day can benefit.

It may also help some people stop using medications to stay focused. The product can block absorption of carbs, so some people may experience weight loss effects. This is an added bonus for those who want to shed a few pounds and improve brain function as well.

Is it Safe for the Heart?

IQ Genex is safe for the heart because it releases caffeine slowly. The effects are more subtle than those experienced when drinking roasted coffee. Users are not likely to experience anxiety, restlessness, and increased heart rate like they do with other caffeinated products. Some people avoid caffeinated products entirely because they don’t like these side effects. With the green coffee bean powder, the caffeine is released slowly, over several hours. In fact, it takes the product an hour to produce the desired results.

Some studies have shown the main ingredient in raw, green coffee beans, chlorogenic acid, may help reduce high blood pressure. It may not lead to a substantial reduction. But, when used in combination with other methods for reducing blood pressure, like reducing sodium intake, increasing physical activity, and following a healthy diet, can help some people achieve the desired results of lower blood pressure and feeling more energetic.

How much is it and where can you buy IQ Genex?

Those who are interested in buying the product can get it on their main website here. A trial of the product is available free, for a low shipping cost of $4.95. The normal price of the product is as low as $74.95 when purchased with the Energy Max product at the same time.

There are other packages available, which include IQ Genex, Energy Max, and Chamomile Calm.

Our final thoughts on IQ Genex

IQ Genex offers users a good alternative, for maintaining focus and improving brain function. It is safe for many users. However, those taking any medication will want to check with their doctors first, before trying the product. It is a safer product than many of the products on the market to help maintain focus and attention.  It is also a suitable product for vegans and vegetarians because there is no gelatin and no sources of animal fat in the green coffee bean powder whatsoever.