LeanFire Diet Aminos Review – BCAAs With a Kick?

Burn Fat and Protect Hard Earned Muscle?

If you’re tired of wasting your money on weight loss products that fail to deliver the desired results then you’re probably on the lookout for something new. There are plenty of supplements on the market that promise to help you lose weight, but it can be quite challenging to find one that truly works. Even successful weight loss supplements aren’t always good because many come with a list of various side-effects. Fortunately, there is LeanFire Diet Aminos, an amazing new weight loss supplement that actually works, and quite effectively.

What is LeanFire Diet Aminos?

LeanFire Diet Aminos is a new supplement from Force Factor, the makers of Alpha King, geared toward weight loss in an accelerated manner. Its active ingredient is Verilean, a cutting-edge ingredient that doubles fat loss while minimizing the loss of vital muscle tissue. When compared to diet and exercise alone, those taking LeanFire Aminos lost an average of 2.5 times more weight. For most people, that’s more weight than they might ever lose with any other product.

LeanFire Aminos also accelerates fat burning through its unique thermovigilance system. This special system consists of a specially-portioned amount of caffeine and the calming amino acid L-theanine. Instead of causing jittery feelings and annoying post-workout crashes like other caffeine-containing supplements do, the thermovigilance system promotes energy, focus, and concentration.LeanFire-Diet-Aminos-317x400

Are there any other benefits of Leanfire Aminos?

In addition to promoting rapid weight loss, increasing energy, concentration and focus, Leanfire Aminos also encourages the building, repair, and maintenance of lean muscle in the body.  There hasn’t been a BCAA powder that combines the metabolic boosting effects of Verliean to our knowledge.

What are the other ingredients in Leanfire Diet Aminos

In addition to the Verilean, which is a green coffee bean extract, the active ingredients in this weight loss supplement are:

. Instantized 2:1:1 BCAA Blend
. L-Leucine
. L-Isoleucine
. L-Valine
. L-Theanine
. Caffeine anhydrous

Where to purchase Leanfire Aminos and how much does it cost?

It’s not difficult to purchase LeanFire Diet Aminos, and the cost for 45 measured portions is less than $45. You can easily purchase Leanfire Aminos by shopping at your local GNC store or their main site online. $45 is a bargain when considering this supplement has a dual effect of burning fat and protecting lean muscle.

How to take Leanfire Aminos

In order to derive the most benefit from this product, it’s best to take it twice a day, as indicated on the packaging. Since it comes in powder form, which users are reporting tastes great and has no calories whatsoever, many consumers add the product to a smoothie consisting of fruit, vegetables, flax, etc. 1 level scoop of the product should be mixed with 8 oz of cold water (or with a smoothie containing at least 8 oz of cold liquid).

It can then be blended, stirred or placed in a shaker. You’re supposed to take one dose with your breakfast and another dose with lunch. Due to the caffeine content, it’s important that you don’t take a dose within four hours of bedtime, as it could interfere with your sleep.

How to produce even faster results with Leanfire Aminos

This product works exceptionally well alone and doesn’t need any boosters to accelerate results. However, many people either have very slow metabolisms or want to quicken their weight loss results even more. This can be done successfully with a technique called stacking. Stacking consists of taking Leanfire Diet Aminos along with other weight loss products, such as whey protein, for instance. Together, whey protein and Leanfire Diet Aminos can nearly double weight loss for most people. You simply take both products as directed and wait to see results. Results vary from person to person, but most people expect to lose large amounts of fat, while maintaining and even building muscle tissue.

LeanFire Diet Aminos Reviews

This new supplement is already getting some great reviews online.  At GNC they currently have a 4.5-star rating.  Many consumers are very impressed with the taste of this BCAA powder and some drink it in the morning instead of coffee.  Not a bad idea, honestly!


We like LeanFire Diet Aminos and from what we’re hearing others say, so does everyone else.  It’s a great replacement for coffee or if you want to get a little pre-workout kick prior to going to the gym.  With fat burning compounds, BCAAs and a great taste, it’s hard to beat this new product from Force Factor.

Buy online today at Forcefactor.com, GNC or Amazon.