Peptiva Review – Heart Healthy Probiotics?


Peptiva is a potent probiotic supplement that is new on the market. It has the capacity to restore healthy gut bacteria when used on a regular basis. In addition, users are sure to take advantage of the better quality sleep that comes with taking Peptiva. The supplement contains microorganisms that have been proven to benefit users’ digestive system. It also incorporates a variety of high-quality ingredients that play a crucial role in ensuring a good night sleep.

The supplement was formulated and introduced on the market by Dr. David Katz. The physician is well known for his work with the Yale peptivaPrevention Research Center, which he co-founded. The product is designed to help anyone looking to maintain a healthy digestive system and enjoy a good night sleep.

Probiotics come in different types, including lactobacillus, bifidobacterium and saccharomyces boulardii. They are live yeast and bacteria and each type of probiotic provides distinct benefits. Lactobacillus is a probiotic that is commonly used in fermented foods like yogurt. There is a comprehensive array of strains that are known to help deal with conditions, such as diarrhea. This applies, particularly to individuals who are more susceptible to lactose intolerance.

Importance of balancing of good and bad bacteria

Balancing good and bad bacteria provides a practical way to filter and eliminate harmful substances, including toxins from the body. Doing so also promotes a healthy digestion of food and the synthesis of a wide variety of nutrients. Additionally, it becomes easier to enhance the immune system and boost metabolism of certain medications. Some of the causes of imbalance include stress, use of antibiotics, lack of sleep and a poor diet.

What Are Colony forming units (CFUs)

CFUs comprise separate colonies of mold, bacteria or yeast, which form cells or filaments of the same organism. The cells and hyphae typically grow in tandem. These units are used to determine the number of microorganisms present in a sample. Experts can report the prevalence as CFU per unit, area or weight in relation to the type of sample involved in the measurement.

Probiotics In Peptiva

The product lists three parts of names, which indicate the genus, species and strain of the probiotic. The genus is listed on the product as lactobacillus acidophilus, which is also identified with the code ATCC SD6865. The species name applicable to the probiotic is acidophilus while the strain is known as ATCC SD6865. Clear identification is of paramount importance.

On the other hand, guaranteed potency through the expiration date refers to the viability of the 26 billion cultures when used by the expiration date. This means the cultures are active and live. The ‘manufactured by’ date is used to inform customers that the product may not retain its potency for the duration of its shelf life, which is approximately 18 months.

Clinically validated probiotics provide guarantee in relation to the potency and expiration dates. Customers can be sure that the product is of the highest quality at the time of purchase. Peptiva undergoes rigorous testing to determine the potency of Lab4 cultures and an active microbiome blend.

Is Peptiva Good For the Heart?

Probiotics have long been known to assist in improving heart functions and create beneficial components that sets your cardiovascular system up for prolonged health.  Healthy amounts of probiotics in the gut increase the levels of Vitamin D in the body.  This vitamin has been shown to be excellent for a well functioning heart.

Additionally, Peptiva can help calm it’s users and provide decreased levels of stress and anxiety.  If high levels of anxiety are left unchecked, the cardiovascular system can be overstressed and overworked.

How take Peptiva

The manufacturer recommends taking the supplement 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime with or without food. However, mixing it with water or food may compromise the probiotic’s potency. Tests have not been carried out under such conditions. On the other hand, Peptiva does not contain any known allergens, which means it is safe for human consumption. It is considered vegetarian and comes in a purple and white capsule.

Peptiva improves sleep within 30 minutes of ingestion and boosts bacteria balance in just 12 weeks. Anyone taking prescription medication should consult a physician before taking the supplement. It should not be given to animals.


What makes Peptiva unique?

A number of key factors distinguish Peptiva from other probiotics available on the market. The supplement was formulated by a physician and has a vegetarian formula. In addition, it does not require refrigeration, provides guaranteed potency based on the date of expiry and it contains a clinically tested multi-strain probiotic matrix.